Worth the hype?: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter

Hey guys,

So…recently I treated myself to this hyped up highlighter from theBalm cosmetics, called ‘Mary-Lou Manizer’. It costs a pretty penny at £17.50 at most stores that carry this line, however I bought this in a flash sale on feelunique.co.uk for just £12.80. I believe the sale has ended unfortunately, but if after reading this post you are interested in trying the product for yourself I would still recommend purchasing it through Feel Unique as it is on their site at the slightly cheaper price of £16, with free delivery.

After purchasing this product I couldn’t wait for it to arrive so I could test it out. It took around 4 working days to get to me, and arrived this morning. First off, lets take a look at the packaging.


Outer packaging of Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter


As you can see, theBalm has quite comical packaging, with this mugshot of a sexy 50s girl who has been arrested on charges of being ‘too pretty’ and ‘too popular’. Quite bold claims there, so we’ll have to put that to the test!


This highlighter is a compact style product, with the image of cheeky looking Mary-Lou on the front. I would give the packaging a 5/5, as it’s fairly thin, compact and travel friendly, with a nice design.


Mary-Lou Manizer packaging

I really do love the vintage design on the face of this product, it’s so quirky and unique!


Opening up the compact, you can see a large mirror in the lid. It is a good quality magnifying mirror, not one of those cheap shiny plastic mirrors that don’t work very well. Very pleased about this because it makes it great for easy application and perfect for on the go.


Inside the compact


Now all of that’s out of the way, let’s get into what you’ve all been wanting to find out!



Oooooooooh….so shiny! It looks very chunky and glittery in the pan, which is slightly deceiving as on application (as you are about to see) it gives a beautiful glowy sheen to the skin rather than making you look like you’ve experienced a glitter explosion.



Swatch of Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter.

At first touch, the highlighter seems very buttery and smooth- always a promising sign. You can see the iridescent sheen already.


Arm swatch (apologies for the appalling quality photo)


This is a champagne-toned highlight which would work best on pale to medium skin tones. Bare in mind there are two other ‘Manizer sisters’: Cindy-Lou, a very shimmery pink blush,and Betty-Lou, a shiny bronzer, so if you are concerned that the tone of this product may not be for you, I would recommend swatching it in store for yourself or looking at the other products available.This highlighter is very buildable, and at first its very sheer and hardly noticeable. This is great for a subtle and natural looking highlight. As I was working with the product, it seemed to appear all at once! It didn’t seem to build up gradually, it was very sheer and then suddenly ‘BAM!’ highlight game strong.

Overal comment 

So…is it worth the hype? Or, more importantly, is it worth the money? After trying this product, I would say that yes, it is definitely worth both of those things. It’s a compact, versitile, beautiful product that’s easy to apply. However, I don’t think that it would be hard to find an equally beautiful product from highstreet brands, so if you are interested but unsure whether you want to pay that price for a highlighter, I would suggest that you do your research and have a good hunt in your local make up store for something similar before you decide to spend the money.

Thanks for reading my blog and hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful! Comment any questions or suggestions (it rhymes!) you have for me and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Beth x


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