January 2017 Birchbox

My second ever Birchbox arrived today! For those of you who don’t know, Birchbox is a subscription box service that will deliver a mixture of full sized and sample sized beauty and skincare products, tailored to your preferences, to your door every month for £10 plus p&p. Every month has a theme, and this month’s theme is ‘sprinkle happiness’.

The box itself is yellow and has a geometric pattern on it. At this point I should confess that the design you see on top of the box isn’t actually the real design. When opening the box, my mum used a pen which marked the pretty design. She felt really bad and after trying to rub it off (and unfortunately making it worse) she offered to cut off the front cover of the info leaflet inside (which has the same design but with the theme typed onto it), and stick it over the mess to cover it up. I think the box was doomed the second it arrived, as since then I have spilled tea on it and put fingerprints of  red lipstick  on it…img_74761

Anyway, back to the box. It has a pull out drawer on the side which is really handy for storage, especially since it comes with a sheet of foam to protect the bottom. I have recently reorganised my desk so I found that this was perfect to store my lipsticks in.


As you can see, I like reds and corals      …a lot


The first product I received is a full sized Lord & Berry ‘conceal-it stick’ in Ivory. I have tested out this product briefly and it seems smooth and really easy to blend. I haven’t tried a stick concealer before but I’ve heard they can be quite drying, so I hope this one is a good one-it sure does feel creamy. This costs £12 so the entire cost of my box has been made up by this one product!


I also got a sample of the NUXE multipurpose dry oil. I have an oil by Caudilie that I got free with a Vogue subscription last year, and I don’t really find myself using it all that often. I’ve tested this on the back of my hand and it doesn’t feel too greasy so I will try and get round to giving this a proper go.The full size of this costs £29 for 100ml, so my 10 ml sample is worth  £2.90. I’m not blown away by this product but I am happy to have it.


Continuing along the lines of multipurpose oils, I got a sample sized pot of Vita Coco coconut oil. I’ve heard to much about coconut oil, as I’m sure you have too, but I’ve never really felt compelled to spend the £10 to try it out for myself. It is solid at room temperature, but turns to oil when in contact with body heat. You can use this for just about anything: conditioning hair, removing make up, moisturising the skin, whitening teeth, adding protein to smoothies and a million other things. I probably won’t be eating this as it is such a small pot and the idea of eating spoons full of oil doesn’t really appeal if I’m honest, but I’ll definitely play around with the other uses. For the full 500ml it costs £9.99, making my 50ml pot around £1.


The focus really does seem to be skincare for Birchbox this month, as I was also given a full sized Merci hand cream in the scent ‘new wave’. Really, it just smells like vanilla. Its a nice handcream but nothing extraordinary. It costs £4.90 and it’s quite a nice product that I’m sure I’ll use.


The last product I got was the SOIGNE nail polish in ‘Mousse aux framboises’.I’m a bit confused, as this box was meant to include a small Nails Inc polish-my booklet even includes it as one of my products- but I seem to have received a different one. It’s possible that Birchbox didn’t have enough stock of the Nails Inc polish, so compesated with a full sized polish from another brand. The colour is a very sheer pink so would need layering to get a stronger colour intensity from it. This polish costs £11,  whereas the other one (full sized was £15 so it would have been nice to try a more expensive brand. Then again, I got a larger size of polish so I’m not too disappointed other than that I’m not too keen on the colour.

The products in my box this month came to a total of £31.80. I’m happy with the products themselves but I am little disappointed because there were so many other lovely products available. This month’s products are more on the practical side but they are the kind of things that are always useful to have.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this post

Beth x


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