Why doesn’t anybody talk about Estee Lauder’s lipsticks!?


I was recently given this lipstick (Estee Lauder’s Pure Colour  Lasting Creme lipstick in 60, Fuchsia Fever) from my grandma, as she recieved an Estee Lauder gift set for Christmas and isn’t really much of a lipstick wearer herself. This lipstick is sold for £25, so I am very grateful to have the opportunity to try this lipstick without breaking the bank (or even touching the bank for that matter). I’ve never heard anybody talk about Estee Lauder lipsticks so this post isn’t about addressing the hype. What I want to know is why nobody talks about them…’cos they’re just so darn good!



The bullet was really pointed and precise but I’ve swatched it and applied it s good few times now so it’s kind of lost that aspect. However, he shape of the bullet makes it really easy to follow the lip line and I think it’s one of the best lipsticks for that I’ve tried.

The application is so so smooth it feels like a balm. I don’t usually care for creme finish lipsticks, but the shine is so delicate and perfect for the shade that I don’t mind in the slightest. It’s really opened my mind to other finishes than good old matte. And I have to say… I’m kinda diggin it!


There is a scent to this product, sweet and fruity like cherryade. I really like the scent and personally find it a perk of the product, though this comes down to personal preference. The smell isn’t too strong- you really have to hold the tube up to your nose if you want to smell it and I can’t detect it at all once it has been applied to the lips.


As for wear time, I wasn’t expecting much from a creme finish. I applied this lipstick when I got home and put it through the ultimate test: Lasagne (which happens to be my favourite). This is what my lips looked like before vs. after eating:

Again, this little tube of joy has exceeded my expectations. Sure, it’s patchy and looking a little bit worse for wear but the colour has stayed put leaving a flattering stain that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to sport after a meal. Very impressed.

Despite not choosing the shade, I absolutely love it: a  bright yet sophisticated deep-purple hued pink called Fuchsia Fever. Because of its purple tones, it makes the teeth look really white and I think it would really suit green eyes especially because the complementary colour will draw attention to the eyes. If you really aren’t looking to spend this kind of money, I have found a similar colour in my collection albeit with a different finish. Nyx matte lipstick in Aria ( MLS30) is so similar, in my opinion and costs considerably less at just £5.50. The finish is matte whereas the Estee Lauder is creme but the colours are so close I had to mention it.


As you can see, NYX Aria is slightly more purple toned, but I would really consider this shade if you are on a budget.

Overall, I love this lipstick so much and I will definitely consider buying more from this line. Hope you found this post helpful and interesting!

Beth x





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