What’s in my Birchbox?: February 2017

Hi guys, 

This month marks my third and final Birchbox of my 3 month subscription. Let’s hope it’s a good’un!

A couple of weeks after the arrival of last week’s box, I received an email asking for me to choose between two box designs for this month. One of the options was a white box with green tropical-looking foliage and a teal green pull out drawer. I chose the second option, and is as pictured below:



The first item I saw as I opened my Birchbox was this beautiful Spectrum crease blending brush (C06). I have had my eye on Spectrum brushes for a while because thy are just so so attractive. I am very happy to have received one, as I can now see for myself whether the brush quality is there or if it is just quality design.

I have given this brush a quick go (I mean, who could resist?) and I can safely say that this is the softest eyeshadow brush I have ever owned, and does a darned good job at blending too. Every customer was given one of these brushes, which retail for £5.99.


The next item in my box was another that everyone received. Pairing perfectly with the brush, this POP Beauty eyeshadow trio in ‘ mocha champagne’ was very exciting.


My terrible swatches really don’t do justice to the pigmentation of these shadows

The first of the three shimmery shades is a pale champagne colour which I have found is perfect in the inner corner of the eye to brighten. The second shade is a pale pink, which surprisingly (and  fortunately) doesn’t look like an eye infection when applied to the lid. This is one of the few pale pinks I think I’d actually wear. The last shade is a brown with weird chunky multicoloured glitter. Luckily, this seems to be clumped in the middle, so when I dust my brush around the outside, I am able to use a lovely rich brown. They are very pigmented, but easy to blend too (especially with my new brush ;). This is actually a sample size, with the full palette of 10 shades priced at £15.50. This makes this trio worth £4.65.




This next item was a personalised one, as opposed to the previous items which everybody received. In my Birchbox profile, I described my skin a dry and so this month I was sent the VASANTI ‘BrightenUp! enzymatic face rejuvenator’. Basically, this is a fancy schmanzy exfoliator.



It contains ‘powerful papaya enzymes’ which are supposed to give radiance while the aloe vera (a natural anitbacterial) detoxes the pores, the coconut soothes and the microcrystals do their thang removing dead skin cells…lovely.I have not tried this product yet, but am excited to see if it lives up to its claims. This sample size contains 20 ml (0.7 oz) whereas the full size, costing £31.50 contains 120ml. Therefore, the amount of product in my box is worth around £5.25.



I am slightly disappointed with my next product, because although I know it is practical I would have much preferred one of the other items up for grabs this month. (I’m sure there are countless cliche phrases and old wives tales about that kind of attitude but right now I can’t call any to mind.) The item in question is the Beaver Professional ‘daily moisture conditioning spray’ for hair.




The concept of this is that you spray it onto damp hair before styling. I don’t really style my hair very often, but it is quite long so a good conditioning product is certainly a good thing for me. I’ll  give this product a try next time I wash my hair and see if I notice any difference. This product at full size is £11.50 for 150ml, so, at 50ml, this sample is worth approx. £3.83. Not the most generous, but if it works then I’m happy.




The 5th and final item is a Korean skincare product. Birchbox claims that K-Beauty is 7 years ahead of the rest of the world in skincare innovation, and have hopped on the bandwagon this month. Every subscriber will receive one of a range of these products. I was given, due to my dry skin, the KEEOME ‘hydration therapy’ sheet mask.


This product claims that it ‘revitalises and cleanses’ the skin after being applied and left to work its magic for 25 minutes. I am looking forward to giving this a go, although as this is only a single use mask imma save it for a special occasion or when I feel like treating myself. The Birchbox price for a pack of 6 masks is £29, so mine, all by its lonesome, comes in at £4.83.


I am very happy with my Birchbox this month, as I have been introduced to some new brands, with products that I am itching to try out. Overall, the contents are worth £24.55, which is not bad, especially considering I paid just £10 for them! I have really enjoyed this Birchbox subscription, as every box is new and exciting as well as it feeling like a treat for myself every month. My box contained a big spoiler for March’s box and,as if I wasn’t thinking about it already, now I plan to start a monthly subscription!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you would like a full review of any of the products mentioned just leave a comment and I can do that for you.

Thank you,

Beth x




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