Getting to know yourself

Getting to know yourself

Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint exactly who you are, and we don’t always consciously recognise that every decision we make is a reflection of our unique personality. Everyone has more to them than others may think, but sometimes you want to discover for yourself who you are, so this post is here to help.

1- make a list of all the things you like and dislike
This can include activities, places , characteristics and objects, and can help you see what makes you different from everyone else.


2- develop hobbies
Choose one or two things that interest you and do them as much as you can! Everyone has a passion, it just might take you a while to find yours!

3- Don’t be ashamed of your quirks…
…Embrace them! Nobody is the same, and that should be celebrated!



4- Ask your friends to describe you
It’s a lot easier to sum up other people than it is to sum up yourself. Realising what characteristics shine through and are loved by others can help you to love them yourself. It may surprise you what others see in you!


5-Try an online personality test
These can be really fun, and if you answer completely truthfully, can reveal things about yourself you never knew. A quick google will find countless personality tests so try a few out.


6- Let go of your need to be liked by everyoneIMG_5145

You are your own person, so don’t feel like you have to change yourself in the presence of others, and it’s ok if the odd person isn’t your biggest fan. The only important person who has to love you, is you.


7-Express yourself

Don’t feel pressured by others to behave/dress/be a certain way, or like/dislike/care about certain things. Your personality is reflected in almost everything you do, and sometimes stepping back and looking at this can help you see just who you are.

Hope you enjoyed this little list and found it helpful, don’t forget to leave a comment if you would like to see more posts from me about mental attitudes and the small changes you can make to find happiness. Thanks for reading!

Beth x


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