What’s in my Birchbox March 2017

Hi all,

I’m a little late this month with my Birchbox, due to a change in my subscription plan. As you will know if you have seen my other unboxings, I gave Birchbox a 3 month trial using a gift subscription. I have really enjoyed receiving a surprise gift to myself every month, and so have decided to continue it on into 2017 with a rolling monthly subscription!



This month, Birchbox have stripped it back to the basics with packaging that is reminiscent of the design of their very first boxes shipped out to their customers when the business first launched over 6 years ago.

I’m loving this little draw-string pouch, I think its so cute and I hope Birchbox does this again in the future.

IMG_7802In my first dip inside the bag, I pulled out a 5ml sample of the balanceme Instant Lift primer, which claims to be a “complexion perfecting skin smoother to instantly lift and refine skin so it looks youthful and virtually poreless. I don’t know how much this product is going to benefit me as I am both of those things, being 15. However, I will definitely give it a go, especially seeing as it is supposedly 99% natural.

From testing this product on the back of my hand, the first thing I noticed was that is has a a pungent medicinal yet herbal scent. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the fragrance, although it did smooth the skin on my hand very nicely so fingers crossed it’ll be a good’un. Every Birchbox subscriber received this sample, the full size of which would have been £22 for 15ml, and so this sample is worth around £7.33.

The next product I pulled out was one I had seen from various unboxing videos and posts and was hoping that I would receive too.

I’m thrilled that I received this Bobby Brown multimask kit , and cannot wait to try them all out. I will have to make sure I use them sparingly though, because each sample only contains a stingy 3ml. These masks retail for £33 each in full size, and contain 75ml, making each of these samples worth £2.20, or £6.60 altogether.


Not gonna lie, this next product was probably the main reason I decided to continue my subscription into this month. At the end of January, all subscribers were sent an email which asked us to choose between two shades of the new Benefit ‘They’re real! Double the lip’ lipstick – Lusty Rose or Pink Thrills. Because my subscription was just a gift subscription, I wasn’t able to submit a choice and so the colour was selected for me. The concept of these lipsticks is that there is a darker colour on the teardrop shaped tip, that acts as a lip liner to carve out the shape of the lips and give them a fuller, contoured look.

I was hoping for Pink Thrills, as I usually go for quite bright colours however I am actually really pleased to have gotten Lusty Rose, as my collection is lacking the staples such as this beautiful, wearable dusty rose. I have tested this lipstick out a couple of times, and am over the moon with it! The formula is so creamy, it lasted all day- even through meals- and perhaps best of all it smells fruity like cherry Coke or fizzy Vimto. I wouldn’t necessarily say I noticed a significant difference to the appearance of my lips, because I have been blessed with quite full lips anyway, but I could see how the technology would work someone with thinner lips. Although this is only a sample size, there looks to be a good amount of product when you wind it up, and that will definitely last a while. Having said that, the packaging says that there is only 0.75 g worth. The full size contains double the amount of product, and costs £16.50, so the value of my sample is £8,25.



The next sample- amika’s ‘The Sheild’ style extending spray-comes in on the expensive side when purchased in full size- at £20 per 150ml bottle. I have not tried this in my hair yet, but am looking forward to giving it a go. Perhaps not one of the most exciting products to get with Birchbox, for me anyway, but it will be good to have around as a good hairspray always comes in handy.

My sample contains 31.5ml, and so it worth roughly £4.20.




The final product in my box this month was, again, slightly less exciting, although still very useful. My Korres ‘Santorini Vine shower gel’ is supposed to have the “fresh fruity scent of blossoming Greek vineyards”. Although the description is perhaps a little pretentious, the smell is very sweet and comforting, especially when carried in the steam from the shower. 250ml of this will set you back just £8, meaning my little 40ml sample comes in at just £1.28.



Hope you enjoyed seeing what was inside my Birchbox this month. Feel free to comment any post ideas you have, or if you would like to see a more detailed review of any of these products. If you are interested in signing up to Birchbox, you can do so by clicking the link below to find out more. This is, of course, unsponsored, and subscribing through my site will give you £5 to spend in the Birchbox shop:  https://www.birchbox.co.uk/invite/3vwt6

Beth x



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