I cut my hair for the Little Princess Trust!


I had been thinking about cutting my hair short for a while now, but never really had the guts to do through with it as it is a very dramatic change from the long locks I’ve sported for my whole life. But around 2 weeks ago, on Friday 24th March, I took the plunge in aid of the Little Princess Trust- a non-profit organisation that provides children who have lost their hair due to illness or as a side effect of treatment for an illness, with wigs made from donated hair.


The requirements for hair donation is that the hair must measure at least 7 inches/17cm, be clean and dry and it must have been plaited. There are also guidelines on the quality of hair, for example hair with split ends, hair that is made up of over 10% grey hair, and hair that has been dyed an unnatural colour is not suitable for donation. Luckily, my hair fit all these requirements.


I had my hair plaited and cut off above the hairband, leaving enough hair to be styled afterwards. Once cut, the plait measured over 30cm and was very heavy!

It was very scary seeing my hair be hacked away, and afterwards I did get a slight feeling of “oh no what have I done”, however I knew it was for a good cause and trusted my hairdresser to style my hair nicely.



Before vs After

I had originally wanted a short bob, however when my hairdresser asked how far up my neck I wanted the base layer, I told her that I didn’t want it so short that I would have to shave the back of it to keep it tidy. This meant that the style I would be getting was a long bob. Although I did initially envisage it being shorter, I am very happy with the way my hair looks, as I think that it frames my face nicely without looking too styled with too many layers. Not only this, but I feel like a short bob would have been an even more dramatic transformation, and would have attracted far more attention from people than I am getting already! Next time though, I think I might have it cut into a short bob as I figure that it won’t take long for it to grow out to the length it is now anyway.

I posted the hair to the address on their website, and filled out a short form which I included in the package. It asked a few details such the estimated length of the donation, but other details such as my name and age were optional. There was also the option to include your email address to receive a certificate of hair donation. Unfortunately, the Little Princess Trust is unable to send photos of the child receiving the wig made from your hair, or even guarantee that the wig factory will use the hair in their wig production. However, in my opinion hair donation is still 100% worth it, as the hair that would have been thrown out anyway has a chance to change a child’s life.

I think that the Little Princess Trust is an amazing charity, that transforms the lives of children who deserve a bit of self-confidence back. I am proud to have contributed to their cause, and hope that someday I can do so again.

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of the Little Princess Trust, hair donation or fundraising, click here  or google search ‘little princess trust’.

Thanks for reading, I hope you were interested by my hair donation experience with the Little Princess Trust.

Beth x



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